Pokemon Day Sunday

The young athletes from the St Johns Soccer Academy recently took a break from their intense training sessions to embark on a unique adventure. The academy organized a special Pokemon trading day at the Gamer’s Corps, where the players had the opportunity to trade cards and immerse themselves in the exciting world of Pokemon. The event aimed to foster camaraderie and enhance team chemistry by providing a fun and social environment outside of the soccer field.

Under the radiant sun, the soccer players enthusiastically gathered with their friends, both pre-academy and developmental academy, to showcase their prized Pokemon card collections. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and friendly competition as the players engaged in lively trades, sharing their favorite Pokemon and strategizing their card choices. This day served as a fantastic opportunity for the players to interact and bond with each other, strengthening the sense of unity within the academy.

Beyond the trading itself, the Pokemon day brought the the kids together in a different context, allowing them to relax and enjoy themselves. As they engaged in conversations about their favorite Pokemon characters and shared tips and strategies, barriers melted away, and lasting friendships began to form. This memorable event not only provided a well-deserved break from the soccer field but also laid the foundation for stronger teamwork, mutual support, and shared experiences among the players in the soccer academy.

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